Welcome to Suzdal Quilt festival

Festival invites quilters and guests from all over the world. Welcome to Russia! We prepare the  Quilt tour program from 7 till 17 of August 2018 and will take care about our guest from every step from airport.  Participants spend time at Moscow and Suzdal: the culture and quilting program, many new friends and ideas, Russian food and hospitality. Send request to address- and you get answer to all you questions.

Classes at Suzdal

International Quilt Festival in Suzdal, which will go on from 10th till 16th of August 2017 will hold more than 100 master-classes. You can book your master-classes in advance on our website  through your personal cabinet.  You can check the list of master-classes here:


Love for quilting past over through the generations

We are collecting stories about our mothers and grandmothers, who gave us the love for quilting. The old generation did not have an easy life but survived with the love to the family and country. Write a short story, find old pictures of your mums or grandmas and send to email:

About Quilt festival in Suzdal 2017

“Connection of times. From the past into the future” – that’s the main theme of the Suzdal’s International Quilt Festival in 2017. Interesting, thoughtful and serious theme will allow the participants to take a wider glance at the versatility of the modern life, find something to pass on to the future generations. We hope that human values such as love, kindness and spirituality will remain eternal for all times.


Gymnastics for quilters

In our routine lives we tend to put a lot of strain on our back. Neck problems in the later stages of our lives are a very common problem. The working environment in the modern era tends to only worsen the situation by the time you reach the old age.During the Suzdal festival we invite the festival participants to join a specially organized daily gymnastics group. Main focus of the complex workout will be on the joints.  Exercises involved are aimed to warm up the muscles, ligaments, joints and to strengthen the spine. Workouts are directed by Tatiana Kalinskaya, who is convinced that you can feel healthy and youthful at any age. You can sign up for the exercises by calling to +7(910)462 27 78. Training sessions are free for the festival participants.


Charity event “Blooming garden”

Participants of the Suzdal International Quilt Festival ( ) will come together to make a big and beautiful Quilt that they will then gift to disabled and old people.  In the centre of the Quilt creation lays an old quilting technique called “Grandmother’s garden”. It gets sewed together from small hexahedrons with the use of any leftover cloth. Authors can make embroidery with their name or country, or anything else on every hexahedron that they made. During the Festival, which will last for a whole week from 10th till 16th of August 2017, quilters taking part in “Blooming garden” will come together every evening and sew the Quilt. In this way every one of them will give something to the common charity event.   Participation conditions are easy:


Quilted field

More than 4 000 quilters made reposts and about 500 comments about Our festival is also getting featured in Vim avia and Aeroflot plane journals. Please spread the message about us to your friends and other people.


Social media

If you want to know more about the International Quilt Festival in Suzdal please  connect to our social media listed below: 

Best quilts at Red Square in Moscow

The best quilts and textile dolls from Suzdal Quilt festival you may see now in Red Square in Moscow at GUM. It is the famous historical place where you feel beautiful atmosphere. Look for the 3-d line at GUM. Our quilt exhibit will work till 31 January 2017 from 10am till 10pm.

Quilt tour to Russia

Dear quilters from different countries! We will be happy to see you at Russian International Quilt Festival in Suzdal at August 2017. We prepare the program for you and will take care about you visit. Welcome to Russia! 
If you have any questions please write to address and be sure for our support.