Contests of Festival 2017

The theme for the 2018 Suzdal Quilt Festival is CELEBRATIONS

Every celebration has its own mood and its special sounds. To show the wonderful world of celebrations in all its colour, plastics, proportions, shapes and lines is a truly interesting and fun opportunity. In certain quilts, perhaps, you may hear bravura orchestra, in others – affectionate flute, and somewhere else a fervent harmonica. It all depends on the human emotions, that reflect the celebration, since there can be no celebration without people. All people have their own celebrations throughout their lives. The celebrations can be to remember the past or to dream of the distant future. Some of them are like the good old friends, while others we wait for like we wait to meet new people. Waiting for the new celebration is also a special part of the celebration itself.

Every nation has its own celebrations. Their celebrations were part of their lives long time ago, but even now they are not forgotten, their traditions nurture the national culture, upkeeping the ways of the old days and filling the modern times with the colourful, national images.

The concept of the celebration is multifaced and varied. This is wonderful! Contests’ exposition and the festival will become the grand quilting celebration in the town of celebrations, the old town of Suzdal on the ancient land of Vladimir!


We wait for the participants and guests in Suzdal from 9th till 16th of August 2018

Main contest of Suzdal 2018 Festival

Art Project "Quilted Field"

Textile dolls contest

Quilted blankets contest

Contest "Bag in patchwork style"

Contest "Fashion in patchwork style"

Children contest

Contest "Quilts made by men"

Children fashion theatres' contest