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International Quilt Festival in Suzdal «Soul of Russia»
10 – 16 August 2017



Best quilts at Red Square in Moscow

The best quilts and textile dolls from Suzdal Quilt festival you may see now in Red Square in Moscow at GUM. It is the famous historical place where you feel beautiful atmosphere. Look for the 3-d line at GUM. Our quilt exhibit will work till 31 January 2017 from 10am till 10pm.

Quilt tour to Russia

Dear quilters from different countries! We will be happy to see you at Russian International Quilt Festival in Suzdal at August 2017. We prepare the program for you and will take care about you visit. Welcome to Russia! 
If you have any questions please write to address and be sure for our support.

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We have good news!

Project of the International Quilt Festival in Suzdal was approved at the government level as an annual event. It will be held in August.

"The Soul of Russia" is the name of our festival, which aims to unite the best crafters of Russia, to demonstrate the possibilities of patchwork and to develop the folk traditions, to seek new ideas and enthrall the youngsters with the creativity.

Festival invites quilters from different countries and therefore has the status of an international festival. We share our ideas and skills, and learn what is happening in other countries.

The theme of the main competition of the festival will change every year.

In 2017, we chose  Сonnection between generations as the theme of the main competition.

From past in the futures ...All genuine feelings in a person are born under the influence of love, of the comprehensive, all-consuming, and encouraging feeling.

To explore this idea through creative patchwork is the task of the main competition of the Festival.

Dates of International Quilt Festival in Suzdal
10 – 16 August 2017

Have a look at the Festival competitions and the program of the festival, think over your participation and send us your feedback and questions. We are open for cooperation!

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Wish you a creative mood!
And see you soon!

Rimma Bybina

Римма фото.jpeg
The head of Russian Quilters Association
Director of the International Quilt Festival in Suzdal

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